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Customer Reviews

Steve, I am at a loss for words, this kneeler is absolutely beautiful!   

Donna Lou

Steve, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful kneeler. It is absolutely perfect, and will be used daily. Thank you for the prompt service and delivery.

Chris P.  West Point, NE

Don, I just wanted to let you know that my kneeler arrived yesterday safe and sound. I am simply astounded at how beautiful and functional it is. You are a true artisan Don. I wish I had found you many years ago. Thank you so much!

May God richly bless you,

Good morning Steve. I received the kneeler and just unwrapped it and I think it's just perfect. Thank you for your care and craftsmanship. I'll enjoy it for many years. It came unharmed and it was packed very snug and secure. It's great. May you continue to prosper. God bless!

Michael T

Don, I just received the kneeler. Oh my gosh!!!! I absolutely and totally love it!!!! It is perfect - actually more than perfect. The stain is exactly what I wanted and the green velvet on the kneeler is also perfect. It is smaller than I had imagined, but that is okay. It will fit in my space better; and the height is perfect. You are amazing!!! May God bless you a million times over. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And I thank God for you and for giving you such a talent that you have put to use for His glory!!

Hello, Don, Just a note to let you know that my Prayer Cushion arrived yesterday (Friday) and I could not possibly be more pleased or impressed! I have become so accustomed to vendors who deliver less than what they promise, but you actually deliver more! In my opinion, it is better than its depiction on your website; it's better than I imagined! Your personal craftsmanship is superb, as if done by a perfectionist. I am absolutely thrilled, and will enthusiastically recommend your work to anyone -- without hesitation!

Blessings in Christ,
Russell Ellwood of El Paso, Texas

The kneelers are beautiful and wonderful. It's amazing how powerful they are to draw us to our knees to our Lord and Maker. We feel ever more close to Jesus and our Lady.

Thank you so much for your wonderful God-blessed ministry. You are doing God's work, and doing it well. I believe God is pleased.

God bless you - Rev. R.

Don, I just received the kneeler. It is beautiful and arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for the obvious care with which you made it and packed it for shipping. I had just finished setting up our home altar today, in anticipation of receiving the kneeler. It is more beautiful than I'd imagined and I am very pleased. It is very solid and sturdy and is a lovely piece of furniture.

Thank you so much for your ministry. You are very talented and I am so grateful that you use your gift for God's work.

I also like the quote from Fr Jozo that is on your brochure. When I was shopping on-line for a kneeler, I found your website and was very touched by your testimony (concerning Medjugorje). Upon reading it, I knew that I wanted you to make our kneeler - even though I didn't want to wait 14 weeks! But it was well worth the wait.

May God bless you and your wife. Sincerely, Laura

"I brought the kneeler home and upon taking everything out of the box, I must say that everything, including the box it was shipped in, arrived in pristine condition! What a BEAUTIFULLY SUPERB job you've done!!! Absolutely outstanding quality and craftsmanship! You are definitely a proficient craftsman... I am MORE than completely satisfied, and I am going to recommend you to everyone I know who has fancied the thought of purchasing a kneeler, and I have heard a few talk about this as well. I was quite thorough in my research before deciding upon yours which I must say is by far the highest quality for the best price. I am MORE than satisfied!" - Mark K.

"I am most impressed with the design and workmanship of my kneeler. It is a fine piece of furniture at a very reasonable price. Most important, however, is the opportunity for prayer which it encourges. Many thanks.

"May God bless you for the most beautiful piece of furniture in my home. I will say my first prayers in thankfulness for you and your family." - In Christ's name, Mary

"I have just unpacked the kneeler, and prayed a prayer of thanks for your ministry. It is a beautiful piece of work, a 'prayer chariot' to assist in the work of peace. Thanks ever so much..." - S.SJ. Lompoc, CA

"This is an excellent testimony of someone doing all things for the glory of God. Keep up the outstanding work...I AM INDEED IMPRESSED and it is hard to impress me." - P.B. Danville, KY

"It is an impressive design, beautiful work and you certainly didn't skimp on the size of the boards. The cushions are amazing. I might carry the thing to mass this weekend. (joke)." - R.M. Houston, TX

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